Chip and Amy Bradshaw

Family owned and operated since 1991, we provide quality custom picture framing at great prices along with exceptional customer service.

Owners Chip and Amy Bradshaw and Tim Shroyer behind frame

When we’re not framing pictures we’re at home in the country out in rural North Plains along with our two dogs, two cats, and 13 chickens. We love our slice of heaven and enjoy sustainable farming, tending the orchards, and timber management.  While at the shop, Chip works in design and manages production.  Amy keeps busy with design work and marketing.  We are a true Mom & Pop shop.

Tim Shroyer has worked for the us since 2001 back when he was 14 years old.  He started out on the farm cleaning the chicken coop and other farm chores.  At age 16, Chip began teaching him the fine art of picture frame building.   Still with us today, Tim is responsible for the building of the frames and still helps out on the farm.