Sports Memorabilia

We are experts in sports memorabilia framing. We frame jerseys, hats, and other sports related items.

Los Angeles Sandy Koufax Jersey Framed on Wall

Do you have ticket stubs, photos, pins, awards, marathon medals, or other keepsakes from that special event? We’ll present your treasures in framing you’ll enjoy and remember for years to come.

Blazers, Vikings and Ducks Sports Memorabilia Framed on Wall

Framed sports memorabilia on walWe sell autographed jerseys and photographs of your favorite athletes. We’ve framed hundreds of jerseys and know what we are doing. Don’t let another frame shop “practice” on your special collectibles. We have it down to a science producing great looking archival quality jersey framings at very good prices.

We’ve framed jerseys for the Portland Trail Blazers since 1999. We also frame jerseys and sports memorabilia for the Lenny Wilkens Foundation located in Bellevue, WA, the Brian Grant Foundation, and provide wholesale jersey framing for Pacific NW Sports located in Seattle.

Amy Bradshaw and Bill Schonley talking about sports framing:

“I have had the privilege of using Bradshaw Frame & Gallery now for about 3 years. Chip & Amy do a great job! What I do is go to Amy with an idea and she then puts it to matting and Chip frames it. I have had dozens of jerseys and now 100s of framed photos done by Bradshaws. They always do great work and go out of their way to accommodate me. They have done framing work for the Lenny Wilkens Foundation and the Trufant Family Foundation. I use Bradshaw Frames exclusively for all my framing needs. And one thing to note is that I live in the Seattle/Tacoma area and drive down to Portland to bring my business to Chip & Amy at Bradshaw Frame & Gallery.” – Michael Dana, Pacific NW Sports

Framed Portland Trail Blazer Jerseys on Wall