Wednesday, July 22nd 2015

More is Better. Stand Together

Sometimes more is better.  Here’s a framing we did…a double soccer jersey presentation featuring Will Johnson, a Canadian soccer player who is team captain of the Portland Timbers, and Diego Valeri, an Argentine footballer who is their midfielder.  So I don’t have to say more.  My client clearly loves Timbers soccer.  But more than that, he also loves being a huge supporter of Stand Together.  Stand together.croppedTheir mission?  “To harness the power of sports to improve the lives of children and families through targeted programs, deep partnerships, and philanthropic giving.”

Well, I think a lot more of that sounds pretty good!

So this was an important framing for my client and we went all out.  The frame is black, very rustic and heavily grained and is inset with a small yellow wood frame, with burned edges complimenting the very barn-like feel to the design.

Stand together detail.resizedThe top mat is a dark green (Timbers color) fabric, with a matching yellow fillet.  Now this is kind of an unusual style for sports memorabilia since it’s so rustic and not the more classic or contemporary style we usually see in sports framing.  But this is more than just a typical framing.  It’s going to be displayed in a commercial hospitality setting with a very heavy rustic atmosphere so it should fit right in and get way more than a passing glance from the patrons!   And to help remember the actual game that produced these game-worn autographed jerseys I did a little more.  I scouted out a digital file of the team photo from the October 2014 soccer match against the Real Salt Lake and had it printed along with the Stand Together logo.

What more does my client need to preserve this great memory?

Stand together logo.resizedOk, you’re right.  We should add the same yellow fillet to the photo and logo mat openings.  Really make those keepsakes pop.  The piece turned out quite stunning and my client loves it.  But more than that, it now represents a very special piece of Timbers and Stand Together history that he can treasure for many more years to come.